About this Site


The site had its origins as a means of sharing photos I had taken on mountaineering expeditions with other members of the team, once the expedition was over and we had dispersed to our homes and normal jobs.

Initially my photosharing took the form of attachments to emails, but with the speed of dial-up internet connection (as it was in those days) this very quickly proved impractical. To mail approximately 10 jpeg files of about 50 kBytes each, to each of 12 team members never really was practical in the days before Broadband ADSL!

Another incentive to put together a website arose from my work, when I needed to learn the basics of HTML to support the database management job that I was doing at the time. Thus the site was born!

Since those early days the site has grown to reflect my growing interest in wildlife and photomicrograpy, and is used to host areas dedicated to particular events in the calendar of the various microscopical clubs of which I am a member.

Copyright Issues and Picture Sales

Except where otherwise stated all the photographs on this site are Copyright and may not by used without written (email) permission.

The site was never intended to be a market place for my photographs. I prefer to look on it as a resource for sharing knowledge, which can be a two-way process. I am always glad to receive help and advice to identify species depicted on the site or to correct any inaccuracies!

Should anyone come across a photograph on this site that they particularly like, I would generally be happy to have a print made of the photograph at high resolution, subject to the original slide or file being available. In exceptional cases, high resolution electronic files could be provided. To date I have provided prints to expedition members, and files to students to illustrate their theses, and to a zoo to accompany an education project. I have also received enquiries from publishers.

Because the site now includes areas dedicated to club activities, not all the photographs are my own work. Where they have been provided by other people, this is acknowledged. Similarly, these areas will include photos as much for their inherent interest (at least to those involved) as for their photgraphic merit.


Initially, much of the site was constructed using elementary "hand-crafted" HTML code. I later progressed to constructing the galleries themselves using the facilities for building "slides-shows" in Photoshop. The galleries from 2010 onwards were built using the web module in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Because of the way the site has developed, the content and presentation change with time. The original galleries now appear crude, and the picture sizes there tend to be small. I hope gradually to re-work the earlier galleries (near the bottom of the home page) to bring their style and picture quality up to that of the later galleries.

All the photos in the main galleries up to and including Namibia (2006) were originated on colour slide film using a Canon EOS 600 or 1N, and scanned for incorporation on the site. Since 2008 I have been fully converted to digital photography. Until 2021 I was using Canon equipment but since then I have re-equipped with the less heavy Olympus OM-D M1 Mk III cameras and lenses.

The Author - Jeremy Poole FRPS

I studied engineering at university, and later gained a PhD in acoustics. I worked for a large multi-national company as a systems engineer for 30 years, before retiring early. Since then I have been able to pursue my many interests, including photography and electron microscopy, more or less full time. I live in the South West of the United Kingdom.

It is good to be able to combine photography with some of my other hobbies. This site concentrates on Mountaineering, Wildlife and Microscopy, although I also enjoy photographing people (portraits) and architecture.

I joined the Royal Photographic Society in late 1999, and a few months later attended a "new members day" at the Society where I had the opportunity of having some of my prints assessed against the criteria for one of their "distinctions". Since then I have slowly worked my way up their distinctions levels, finally achieving a Fellowship in the Imaging Science category, for a book of scanning electron micrographs, in 2021.